These are links and articles that have been removed from the main links within the website.  They will remain available as long as space to store them remains available.

Photos from the Christmas Potluck at the Union Office December 2003

"Passing Through" by Basil Zuniga

"Know Your Rights"   An informative article by Vice President, Mike Towery

A Final Farewell to Rudy Magana  magana.jpg (5884 bytes)

Seatbelts: We've been given yet another task!  Now we are required to use the shoulder harness all the time.  Yes, this means across the sidewalk hop-n-stop, and mounted delivery.  Is there an easier way?  I think so!  Check out this link to see if it could work for you.

Joe Jones.  Profile on an "old timer".

Miscellaneous Carrier photos

A tribute to Griselda Mendez - 9-15-58 to 8-17-03