Passing Through

Since last month, I've had something rolling around my head.  When I first started carrying mail, WWII veterans were retiring with over
thirty years of Postal service. This month, Vietnam-era veterans retire from the Postal Service with some thirty to thirty-five years of service. As I spoke to Homer Ruiz at Chuck Sutton's retirement party, I realized
something:  When Homer started carrying mail in 1960, folks were retiring who had started carrying mail in 1925.  Aside from whatever in the heck that might mean, it just made me percolate the fact that each one of us is just "passing through".

Some of us just seem to hang around a little longer. James Carter, a name that I have seen for years on our mailing list, passed away. He retired in 1972. This is two years before Chuck Sutton who just retired  started his work as a Letter Carrier.

As Letter Carriers, you probably have no idea of who James Carter was. I wish each and every one of you long lives and precious memories and may that you may also be a memory someday to people who never even knew you!

Just some thoughts in my head as I wrap up another newsletter and fill up that pesky little last space.