In Tribute to Griselda Mendez

September 3, 1958 to August 17, 2003

The comments below are from fellow employees who knew and worked with Griselda.  We will miss you, but trust we'll meet again someday.


Griselda was taken from us at a very young age. She started her Postal

career at the Bakersfield Downtown Post Office. She transferred to the Hillcrest

station as an unassigned Regular until she got a T-6 position. She was an

exceptional T-6 and always kept all of her routes clean and up to date.

She was the youngest daughter of six siblings. She is survived by her

Mother, Connie Romero; her sisters: Connie Velasquez, Linda Pineda, Rosa

Gonzalez, Sandra Pacheco and her brother, Waldo Romero; her husband, Joseph Mendez

III; daughters: Rebecca Mendez, Christina Mendez and Marisa Mendez; and

Grandchildren: Ariana and Seth Chavez.

She had a seizure in the fall of 2003, and they found a brain tumor. It

was removed and everyone thought she was going to be fine. She had a series of

chemotherapy treatments. But, unfortunately, the cancer had already spread to

another part of her brain.

She passed away on August 17, 2003.

The Hillcrest Station lost an exceptional Carrier and a nice Lady. Griselda worked at the Hillcrest Post Officer, where she profoundly affected

many if not all of her co-workers as to the virtue of being a hard working

God-fearing Christian. She was very devoted to her Lord and attended the daily

prayer group at break time.

She had a very unique way of speaking. Her sister described it as a

southern drawl. She spoke kind of slow and always had a smile even when she wasn’t

feeling well. Her last year was very tough on her physically.

She is in a much better place now, and her pain has all gone away. We will all miss her.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My Friend, Griselda

I miss her everyday.

She made life more enjoyable. She was a great friend.

When I had Route 628, we had lunch a lot out there on Niles Street. We

used to go out to breakfast and sometimes lunch when we had the same day off. We

talked about our families.

She was so proud of her daughters: Rebecca, Christina and Marissa. When

her grandchildren came she talked about how fast they were growing. She worried

about Rebecca (her oldest) living in Los Angeles and was so happy when Rebecca

moved back to Bakersfield. She loved having her close by so that she could

visit them all the time.

Christina graduated from Cal State Bakersfield and is attending a graduate

program in Los Angeles. Her youngest, Marissa, attends Ridgeview High School.

We also shared a love of dogs.

Sometimes when she got home from work, her two dogs had gotten out and she

would drive up and down the neighborhood to find them. They were usually in

the fields out by Ridgeview. Their names are Max and Pudgy.

One of the last things we did before she had her hysterectomy and then got

sick was the wedding shower for Gurjit. All the girls came from Hillcrest and

we had a great time.

Until we meet again,


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Griselda and I started at Hillcrest around the same time. She was coming

from the Downtown Station.

She helped me a lot when I first started at Hillcrest. She always used to

say, "Sally, slow down, they are going to give you a swing!”

I was fortunate to know Griselda for twelve years. Performance of the job

was very important to her.

I guess we all take for granted each day we share with those we care

about. We should appreciate those who have touched our lives.

I will miss her laugh and her smile. I will deeply miss my co-worker and

my friend.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We will always remember Griselda “Gris” Mendez--an outstanding Postal

employee and God fearing human being.

As her husband Joe Mendez said, “She talked the talk and walked the walk

with her God and Almighty Beliefs.”

She was always concerned about the well being of others and loved animals.

Being able to spend time with the family, I wanted to share a couple of neat

stories that also represent how she was.

She got a dog bite once and was more concerned for the dog’s welfare than

her own. That did not surprise the family because they knew how much she loved

her dog and cats.

Another time, her daughter Rebecca tangled with one of the house cats. The

cat had dug her claws into Rebecca’s neck and would not let go. The more

Rebecca pulled the cat away, the deeper the claws went. NO family member could

save her. Finally, they had to wake up Griselda to have her “save the day”.

The family had an annual Halloween costume party. Griselda always--and I

mean always--wore her Letter Carrier uniform for her costume. The sisters

would talk at times about what they should wear at the upcoming party and they

would say together, “We don’t have to worry about what Griselda is going to wear!”

At these events, she was pushy with getting the dessert served. She would

tell everyone she had to get home and get to bed because she had to be at work

early in the morning.

They all said over and over how much she loved her job as a Letter

Carrier. That was readily apparent to her co-workers.

Until we meet again, “Gris”, God Speed!


Hillcrest Station Manager

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I regret not standing to pay tribute to Griselda at her funeral. Fear of

speaking in front of a crowd and breaking down won out.

Griselda was my “buddy”. We shared many things as friends: our faith in

God, prayers, the ups and downs of life, family news, a similar work ethic, lots

of laughter and food.

I can still hear her say, “Hey, buddy, have you got anything to eat?”

She was well respected and worked many long hours without complaint. Even

when she didn’t feel well, she would be at work doing her best.

As a friend, she was one of a kind. You could count on her. When my

husband died, she came to my home to comfort me. Even though I’m older than she was,

she was my sounding board and I sought her counsel.

God truly blessed me when he put her in my life.

I miss hearing her voice and holding her cold hand during our prayer


Griselda’s friend--GLENDA SIMON

Route 613

P.S. I also miss her pinching Paul’s nose when he sang “I’ve got balls

that jingle, jangle, jingle.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Griselda,

I thank you for being my T-6 for over two years. You always did your best.

When I came back from a day off, the route was always taken care of. And when I

would leave a small mess, you didn’t mind taking care of that, too.

When the route I was on was near Burger King or Taco Bell, some of us would

get together and have lunch. We would also have prayer and Bible reading. I

thank you for your positive comments about the scriptures.

I thank you for calling us to prayer during break time. You would yell,

“Ladies, come on…and you, too, Alan!” And then you would laugh about it.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from you was simple. You told me

to “Always look forward!” I took it to mean, “Don’t worry about the past, look

to God and the future!”

God’s grace to you,


Route 623

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Griz” was my T-6 when I got Route 608. It was a stressful time because I

was learning a new route and they were getting ready to do 6-day route counts

and adjustments all through the station.

She managed to do her route and still find time to check on me and lend a

hand (and some advice) if needed.

She was thoroughly professional when it came to her job.

It was important to her to know all the mark-ups and clean them up before

she went home each evening.

She didn’t like to see the vehicle low on gas, and always filled it up if

time permitted.

She made my job easier.

This was Giselda, my co-worker.

Griselda--my friend “Grizzy--had a teasing sense of humor and always

lending an ear for a problem or concern. Many times, she came up to me asking how

someone close to me was and asking if she could pray for them. She would just

say they were on her heart today.

But, when it came to her family, she didn’t say anything. She kept her

family private.

I do know she loved her kids and grandbabies dearly. And she commented a

few times that God had blessed her with her husband.

“We miss you Grizz!”