Here's the "Last Punch Bunch"

They've been hung-up, wrung-out, hung-down, swung-on, struck-out, slapped, zapped, worn out, worked over, and over-worked.  Now it's their turn.  Here's the guys and gals that have hung in there long enough to get in that last punch.  Good-goin' guys and here's hopin' it goes good!

Names with links have photos and/or articles attached.  If you have photos from a recent or previous retirement party we'd like to post them.  Please send them to: or notify your branch officer and make arrangements to get photos to the webmaster.

There are quite a few people missing on this list.  If you have the names and dates of retirement please drop us a note so that we may include them here.  We'd also like to have a little information on those retires as well.  Please send your comments and/or photos to the  


Bruce Batchelder - Stockdale (93309)                                   Chuck Sutton  - Hillcrest (93306)                                   Ted Martinez 

Ed Stuler - Ridgecrest Shop Steward                                      John Neagle - Ridgecrest Shop Steward                          Bob Mitchell (South Station)  

Gary Kelsey                                                                            Fred Acedo                                                                    Rick Plummer, Ray Scroggins, Joe Jones

Buddy Gallegos                                                                        Alex Dang                                                                       Clifford Fehdrau

Keith Schooley                                                                         Tommy Herrera                                                               Stephani MacLaughlin

Wes Johnson                                                                            Everett Jennings                                                                Alma Kirby

John Rivera                                                                               George Duarte                                                                 Alvie Ramos


Note:  If you have photos or information about any of the retirees above that do not have links please feel free to send that information or photos to the webmaster, Rick Plummer.