Military Buy-Back Forms


If you were in the military and did NOT pay social security taxes, you may need to pay back-taxes to eliminate problems when you retire using CSRS retirement.  Use the following forms to contact the appropriate Military Branch to find out how much you owe.

If you're in doubt or confused about whether you should do this or not, contact Lynn in the Bakersfield Personnel Office.


The Buy-Back Form is a PDF File that may be filled out online and saved to your computer or printed.


Buy-Back Form

Address List

**  Just a little tip here for filling out the form.  If you're going to do it on the internet begin by clicking near the "To:" in the address portion of the form.  Use the Enter key to move to the next line of the address and the Tab key to move to the next required field.  Using the Tab key will highlight all those items that you need to address.  To insert a check mark you may use your mouse or the space bar.  There's really not a lot there to fill out but by doing it on your computer and printing it out you may be sure that it will be legible.