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We've all enjoyed Fred's cartoons for quite a few years now but I wonder how many of us stop to think what it takes to create these individual masterpieces. 

For that reason, I have posted two of the latest cartoons in the way that Fred creates them.  First comes the idea of course.  I know Fred has taken suggestions

from his fellow postal family but mostly, I think, they come from Fred's "IN S.A.N.E." sense of humor.  I've known Fred for many years and have rarely been around him

when he didn't have a good joke or two to tell.  His talent is unmistakable and his portrayal of the postal way of life is remarkable.   It has been a pleasure to browses through

literally hundreds of cartoons over the years and we'll been looking for the next hundred.  Thank, you, Fred for your continued efforts to make us smile.

The two sets of cartoons below show the time and detail put into creating even the smallest of thoughts.  Just look at the detail from the first drawing to the

final color cartoon.  We've been very lucky to have him.  If you are enjoying Fred's work take a second to drop him a brief note to let him know. 

His email address is:


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